The Wonderful Betty Chinn

On October 4, published a wonderful story about philanthropist Betty Chen.  For over 20 years, she has helped the homeless, the mentally ill, disabled veterans, runaways, and drug abusers.  But, it’s her life story that is really amazing.  Betty grew up in China during the Mao Zedong regime.  Because her parents believed in God, she was separated from them and had to live on the streets.  At one point, she had to wear a sign around her neck that said, “I am the child of the devil.”  Tedx Talks also did a youtube special highlighting her life story and achievements.  In it, she talks about the adversity she faced in regards to the legal system in California, receiving the Presidential Citizens Medal from Barack Obama, the hardships she faced growing up in China during the Cultural Revolution and her love of freedom.  Our Caucus feels Betty Chen is not only a wonderful story but a fantastic role model for those called in the name of service to others.  If you feel moved to volunteer or donate to her cause, please visit Betty’s nonprofit website.


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